More often than not managers are not (or dare I say never) at the helm of a self-directing dream team. That is, a team of overachievers that always remains on task, can change priorities to match the organization’s needs, and never makes mistakes.

In reality a manager will not have a self-directing dream team (why would you need a manager then?), and will spend a good bit of time ensuring his team knows organizational priorities, critical topics, and driving execution. However, at times there will be team members, or the team as a whole, which loses focus on important things, or begins to digress from the direction that has been set by the manager.

Dropping an occasional F-Bomb (or cursing for that matter) can quickly convey urgency, a needed change of direction, or even disappointment on poor execution. Used sparingly, it can help a team understand a manager’s most critical expectations, and also improve execution.